Untimely Love


Can love be right even if the timing is wrong?

The last thing Jamie Woods needs is another distraction. Her career in D.C. is booming as she takes the lead at her new office even as her personal life demands ever more of her attention. Then she meets Ben—charming, sexy, and on her mind no matter what she does. But he’s not the only complicated relationship in her life, and the timing couldn’t be worse for Jamie. When a business trip sends her South for six months, she hurdles towards closure with her first relationship in hopes of giving a romance with Ben a chance. On her return, Jamie doesn’t have to wait long before she runs into him again at the office party—with his arm around a date. Has she sacrificed the predictable safety of her old life for disappointment? Has an infuriating distraction turned into another heartbreak? Or can Jamie give love a second chance?

Dawn Brotherton’s Untimely Love is an award-winning contemporary romance sure to find a home in the hearts of those who have ever given love another try. If you like suspenseful, surprising, and steamy novels, you’ll be delighted by the twists and turns of Jamie and Ben’s journey to find happiness with each other at last.

Discover sizzling love scenes and modern acts of bravery in Untimely Love.

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Untimely Love is not your typical love story where you can immediately guess the plot of the story. The nuanced sentiment and internal emotional turmoil is what kept me glued to the pages. I slowly, almost unwittingly, became invested in Jamie’s character after reading about the relatable struggles she goes through in her marriage and work life. I was rooting for her throughout the story hoping at every turn that she would find happiness, in whatever way made sense to her. I enjoyed seeing Jamie and Ben’s sensitive relationship slowly develop, and then passionately flourish.        – Literary Titan



Congratulations to Dawn for her Bronze Global eBook award for romance with Untimely Love!

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