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Blue Dragon Publishing is a female-owned small publisher that works with indie writers.
Blue Dragon Publishing is a female-owned small publisher that publishes indie writers and sets them on their writing journey.

Blue Dragon Publishing, LLC is an independent publishing company that evolved the same way many small publishers do.  It started with a tenacious author with a unique story to share with the world. As a retired Air Force colonel, the founder, Dawn Brotherton, is experienced in making things happen. Rather than spinning her wheels trying to find a trustworthy agent, then waiting while the agent pitched multiple publishers, Dawn decided to forge ahead alone. Learning lessons the hard way with many false-steps, she eventually got into the rhythm of the publishing world. Other authors sought her advice and assistance. Thus, Blue Dragon was born.


Soon, Blue Dragon Publishing, LLC was taking on outside writers and partnering with them to realize their dreams of becoming published authors. Through COVID, many people have taken the time to put their story on paper. Now what? That’s where Blue Dragon comes in. Whether you have no idea where to start or you only need help on one portion of the process, Blue Dragon will be your coach through the process. No package price where you are charged for more than what you need. Everyone has a different reason for using a publishing company. Pay for only the help you need when you need it.


Education is one of the biggest services Blue Dragon provides. Understanding the many steps that go into publishing a book opens authors’ eyes and shows them how to be successful. We don’t just do the work for you; we teach you how to do it yourself for next time.


The ideal clients for Blue Dragon Publishing, LLC are authors who already have a reader-base: instructors, people who give speeches, writers with a large fan following, or individuals who are writing their story as a legacy. Self-published authors with a known market can quickly recoup any monies paid out and begin banking royalty checks quickly without providing a cut to an agent or publisher.


The reasons for publishing are as varied as the stories out there. Any speaker giving a presentation should have a book to sell in the back of the room. If an instructor knows she is teaching a class to 100 students, 100 books can be “sold” as part of the class.  We have helped authors who collected genealogy and wanted a nice product for their families. We have published a leave-behind book for a person in marketing who used the book to establish her credibility. Then it was picked up as a college textbook! Another author teaches at human resources conferences and has three books with Blue Dragon. One author has published mysteries that are on their third printing.

Although Blue Dragon Publishing may have an ideal client, we are extremely open about the genres we assist with. We don’t edit poetry, although formatting and publishing coaching services are available.

Blue Dragon’s goal is to help a writer’s dream become a reality. Let us hear about your dream.