Publishing a Book FAQs | Blue Dragon Publishing

It depends. Don’t you hate that answer? But there are many factors involved. How many words is your book? Does it have pictures and graphs? Illustrations? Do you want hardback or paperback? What type of binding? I recommend you make an appointment to sit down with a Blue Dragon representative to discuss options. We provide free 30 minute consultations.

You cannot self-publish for free . . . not if you are doing it correctly. You need a professional editor, cover designer, book layout, etc. There will be costs. The good news is, with self-publishing, you can control those costs. Even if you want to go traditional, expect to invest some money. While it’s true you do not have to pay to traditionally publish, I recommend you spend money on a professional editor to ensure you are putting your best foot forward. These days, agents have so many people knocking down their doors, they are looking for reasons to turn you down. Don’t give them one.

Blue Dragon provides coaching through whatever process you need help with for the cost of $1/minute.

Just need copy editing? You can estimate 2 cents per word. If you’ve done the hard work and your writing is clean, it will be less than that. If you struggle with grammar or punctuation, it may be more.

Everything is at your request. You aren’t locked into a contract you can’t get out of. Some people only need help uploading into a distributing service or laying out their book in Adobe inDesign. Same rate of $1/minute.

With responsiveness from the author when needed, a book can be turned into print within 4 months or less.

It is highly recommended that you have your book professionally edited before submitting to any publisher. You want to put your best foot forward every time. Your spouse or child is not the best person to edit your book, even if they are a professional editor, and certainly not if they have no training. There are specific rules for editing depending on your genre.

If your book has been edited, Blue Dragon offers book design in Adobe inDesign, which is the industry standard. You will receive books ready to send to your printer (and we can help connect you to a printer).

We also provide ePub creation services.

Currently we do not offer ghost writing services.

Blue Dragon can offer you some recommendations, but we prefer the author work directly with the illustrator. That saves money for the author and ensures they are getting exactly what they want.

The author keeps 100% of all royalties.  Authors can sell their book for whatever they want, but Blue Dragon can also help determine a reasonable cost for their book

No. We can help you set up accounts, assist with websites, proof news releases, and provide suggestions for book signings. It is up to the author to take advantage of these marketing outlets and add their own support to complement the campaigns.

This is a choice by the author. Blue Dragon will discuss the pros and cons of selling to bookstores. If you use IngramSpark. your books will be available for over 40,000 bookstores to ORDER but will not be placed on the shelf without the author’s consent. Bookstores require a 55% discount and returns are charged to the author. The risks will be well explained and you can change your mind throughout the process.

Only if you want to make money. Many authors shy away from these opportunities, but they are the best way to make money. Cutting out the retailer middleman will put more money in your pocket. If your book is written to supplement your current business or for teaching a course, a book signing will probably not be logical. But if you regularly give presentations or talks, we recommend always having books with you to sell after the presentation.

If you live in the Hampton Roads area, Blue Dragon may offer personalized coaching during a book signing. Check to see if this option is available for you.