Publishing a Book FAQs | Blue Dragon Publishing

It depends. Don’t you hate that answer? But there are many factors involved. How many words is your book? Does it have pictures and graphs? Illustrations? Do you want hardback or paperback? What type of binding? I recommend you make an appointment to sit down with a Blue Dragon representative to discuss options. A short answer is anywhere between $2,000 and $5,300. But the upside is that you keep a high percentage of the royalties—totally unlike many other publishers.

I have found that an author that has skin in the game does better overall with sales. They are more motivated to produce the best product possible and do the work necessary to sell the books. In return, through my model, the author makes the larger percentage on all sales–80% with Blue Dragon vs 8% with a traditional publisher, allowing the author to recoup the money they invested faster and then continue to bring in profits.

In addition to freeing up your time to write, you get the expertise of someone that has been working and researching the publishing world for years. You receive Ingram distribution to over 39,000 bookstores and retailers, marketing support, metatag services, sales tracking across multiple venues, federal copyright filing, Library of Congress filing, custom cover design, coaching, flexibility on print options, and more.

With responsiveness from the author when needed, a book can be turned into print within 4 months or less.

Submit a query letter using the format outlined on contact-us. If we are interested in your idea, we will contact you for a few sample chapters. The next step would be a sit-down meeting (or video conference) to discuss the details. A submission does not guarantee publishing, and a meeting with Blue Dragon does not lock you into working with us.

It is highly recommended that you have your book edited before submitting to any publisher. You want to put your best foot forward every time. Your manuscript will still need to go through the editing process with a Blue Dragon editor to ensure it meets the Chicago Manual Style as well as our criteria. Editing is included in the package price.

Currently we do not offer ghost writing services.

Blue Dragon can offer you some recommendations, but we prefer the author work directly with the illustrator. That saves money for the author and ensures they are getting exactly what they want.

The author makes 60-80% of all royalties collected by Blue Dragon. By purchasing books in advance and selling them face-to-face at book signings or other venues, the author pays no commission to Blue Dragon and can charge whatever they feel is reasonable for their book. This setup is most beneficial to the author.

Blue Dragon sends out quarterly royalty checks.

Yes, we market the book in a variety of ways including a book webpage, an author webpage, social media posts, news release, and organizing book signing opportunities. It is up to the author to take advantage of these marketing outlets and add their own support to complement the campaigns.

This is a choice by the author. Blue Dragon will discuss the pros and cons of selling to bookstores. Your books will be available for over 39,000 bookstores to ORDER but will not be placed on the shelf without the author’s consent. Bookstores require a 55% discount and returns are charged to the author. The risks will be well explained before Blue Dragon takes that action on the author’s behalf.

Only if you want to make money. Many authors shy away from these opportunities, but they are the best way to make money. Cutting out the retailer middleman will put more money in your pocket. If your book is written to supplement your current business or for teaching a course, a book signing will probably not be logical. But if you regularly give presentations or talks, we recommend always having books with you to sell after the presentation.