The Shark Who Wanted a Shiny



Jack is a boy who loves the sea and everything in it, but when his fishy friends suddenly go missing, will Jack be the hero they need? Can Jack become the Coastie and keep everyone safe?

Based on the real-life adventures of “Jack” Horner while serving over 22 years in the U.S. Coast Guard, each story in the BMG Safe Adventures of Jack the Coastie series is intended to introduce youngsters to the world of the sea. Paralleling the storyline, Jack opens the conversation about the wonders and dangers that lurk in the real world and how to avoid unsafe situations.

From the Adventures of Jack the Coastie


Jack the Coastie: “Jack” T.A. Horner, a 22-year US Coast Guard veteran, developed a class to teach anyone to defend themselves without weapons—just the proper mindset and an open hand concept. Jack spent his time in the USCG not only living and working on the east coast, but also traveling to over 31 different countries on peacekeeping missions. Over half of these countries were considered hazardous duty assignments where he and his small teams of 3 to 5 Coasties were not authorized to carry weapons.

Applying the skills he learned during his travels, Jack started BMG SAFE and taught his daughter and her friends self-defense before they went away to college in 2014. Now he has teamed up with Jennifer DeFratis to translate these skills for young children.

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