Baseball/Softball Scorebook


  • Scorebook for 30 games
  • Larger print, bigger squares, and a place for notes
  • End of game summary per player
  • Direction for using scorekeeping shorthand
  • Nuances of the rules needed when scoring the game
  • Contains 8 innings per game
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New and improved book for keeping score for 30 softball games.

– Spiral bound
– 11 x 14″
– Larger print
– Bigger squares
– Place for notes to capture the details of the game
– Perfect for the coach to utilize as a teaching tool
– Useful end of game summary
– Quick reference per player for both offense and defense

New to score keeping?
– Detailed description about score keeping shorthand
– Nuances of the softball rules needed when scoring the game

This scorebook contains eight innings per game.

The number of innings in a regulation baseball game depends on the league and level of play. Little League and Middle School baseball games have six innings. Extra innings are possible, but often any extra innings are limited to a certain time and/or daylight.

Other leagues, such as Babe Ruth and American Legion, and High School level games have seven innings.

All leagues and the various baseball organizations have their own rules. For example, in a Babe Ruth game the game is ended in fifth inning by a “Mercy Rule”, which means that if one team is up by ten or more runs by the end of the fifth inning, the game is ended. Some leagues the runs number may be twelve. Other amateur leagues such as American Legion ball, there is no Mercy Rule.

College games can either have seven or nine innings, depending on the specific division level. Doubleheaders will be seven innings. They too have a Mercy Rule, but again depends on the league. Playoff and championship games are usually nine innings.

Professional baseball games, i.e., Minor League and Major League, play nine innings for a regulation game. However, in Minor League doubleheaders the games are seven innings in length. Games in the Major Leagues have no innings limit. Doubleheaders are played in full nine innings and have no Mercy Rule.

Keep in mind, there are always exceptions to the non-professional leagues. In general games are six, seven, and nine innings

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  1. Dan P

    This is the best scorebook I have seen. Very easy to use, field box is two times bigger than any other scorebook. Has great spots for notes, easy to understand directions on how to score a game in the back of the book. I highly recommend for a coach to score a game and great for a dad keeping track of their child’s pitching game.

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