V3 Hiring - Blue Dragon Publishing

Blue Dragon Publishing, LLC is a proud V3 employer.

We are a small, woman-owned, veteran-owned hybrid publisher located in Williamsburg, Virginia.

We are currently accepting applications for the Hire Veterans Now Fellowship Program for a Publishing Project Manager.

This position will heavily focus on what it takes to become an Entrepreneur and run a small publishing business.


Job Title: SkillBridge to Publishing Project Manager

Location: Williamsburg, Virginia

Are you a military service member within or nearing your 180-day window for separation from active duty?

If this is you, then Blue Dragon Publishing, LLC has a unique opportunity to help kick-start the next chapter in your professional life through our fellowship with the Virginia Department of Veteran’s Services. We are accepting applications for our very own Military SkillBridge Internship Program, “HIRE VETS NOW”, which is a cutting-edge initiative designed to link our nation’s warfighters to the best employment opportunities available as soon as possible in their transition process.

In this internship with Blue Dragon Publishing, LLC, you will:

  • Learn how your military experience translates into a rewarding civilian career.
  • Explore a career or industry you might want to pursue upon separation from active duty.
  • Earn real-world publishing experience.
  • Explore the workings of small business ownership.
  • Expand your professional network of contacts.


Through this program, Blue Dragon Publishing, LLC is seeking motivated Interns to work and learn in our office located in Williamsburg, VA. The successful candidate will participate in a practical, structured, systematic program of on-the-job training AND related instruction to develop existing military technical experience. Internship will be 12 weeks long and can only commence within 180 days before leaving active duty service.

Duties and Responsibilities

Internship Schedule/ Hours Responsibility of Employer Responsibility of Intern
Week 1

40 hours


Publishing Pointers class

Review of clients/titles

Becoming an Author class


Complete Course (1 Week)
Week 2

40 hours

Website Building


Printing options

Get Printer Quotes

Tour Printer

Realistic Expectations class


Review BDP website
Week 3

40 hours

Query Letters and Agents class

Contract Review

Various Types of Editing class

Copyediting Basics class


Complete example exercises

Make updates to website

Week 4

40 hours

Marketing Plan

Social Media Marketing class






Complete exercises

Write a query letter


Week 5

40 hours

Use of Website Forms


Synopsis vs Query

Editing Tools



Create SM Calendar


Week 6

40 hours

Elevator Pitch and Back Blurb class

Networking Events

Value added


Create SM posts
Week 7

40 hours

Book Launch Basics


Creative Writers class



Write a synopsis

Create Elevator Pitch


Week 8

40 hours

Author Marketing Tips

Retail Tax



Book Trailers


Demonstrate ability to present Elevator Pitch

Attend networking event

Week 9

40 hours

Data Mining: Amazon




Create tools to capture data mining results

Build a book trailer

Week 10

40 hours

Homework for Authors


YouTube Videos

Writing Reviews


Review and improve existing Homework for Authors

Write a Review

Apply skills learned

Week 11

40 hours

Sales Opportunities

Online vs face-to-face

Increasing the Reach


Apply skills learned

Attend networking event

Week 12

40 hours

Small Business Administration

Chamber of Commerce


Apply skills learned

 Supervisory Responsibilities

 This position has no supervisory responsibilities

Reporting Responsibilities

  • Will report to president of Blue Dragon Publishing, LLC. Will work with other members of staff in areas of their expertise.



  • Must meet all eligibility requirements outlined in DOD Instruction 1322.29 and NAVADMIN 222/15
  • Official TAD/ TDY Orders to Williamsburg, Virginia for the period of the internship
  • Command approval verified by the VDVS
  • Minimum of 4 years’ military experience
  • Must have strong understanding of Microsoft Office Suite
  • Detail oriented and results driven
  • Self-motivating and good time management
  • Excellent communication skills (both verbal and written)


  • Working knowledge of Adobe Products and InDesign
  • Background in administrative or detailed oriented career field

 Working Conditions

This position is considered OFFICE which is characterized as follows.

  • Primarily indoors during the day
  • Long time sitting or standing by a computer monitor
  • Occasional interaction with large groups of people at book events or networking events
  • Occasional need to stand for long periods of time with few breaks (up to 4 hours)
  • Work surface is stable

Work with your transition office for how to apply for the fellowship program.


Service Member Inquiries, Alfredo Torres: 804-482-8517,