Publishing Packages - Blue Dragon Publishing

Start Writing!

  • Don’t expect to be finished in a week
  • Prepare yourself for constructive criticism and don’t take it personally
  • Realize you don’t have to sit down and write your story from beginning to end
  • Write as the mood hits you and tie it all together later
  • Acknowledge no one has all the right answers to the writing process
  • Develop what works for you

When Your Story is Written

  • Set it on the shelf and revisit it again in a week or two
  • Allow some trusted friends to read it
  • Get honest feedback or you’re wasting your time
  • Get a trained editor; an impartial third party who won’t mind telling you the truth

Are You Ready to Publish?

  • Contact Blue Dragon Publishing, LLC
  • Explore options
  • Concentrate on writing and marketing
  • Leave the details to us

Blue Dragon Publishing, LLC is a proud member of Independent Book Publishers Association.

If you would like more information about any of the programs we offer, drop us an email or sign up for our quarterly newsletter using the Contact Us page.

Whatever you decide, Good Luck!