The Practical Guide to Multicultural Marketing


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If Multicultural Marketing isn’t the cornerstone of your business’s strategic plans, it needs to be!
According to the 2000 Census data, over one third of the United States fits into the “other than white” category, and it’s growing. Make sure your business is ready to grow and adapt to the changing culture around you. Learn how to market to target areas and get away from the one-size-fits-all mindset. To reach your customers, you need to understand your customers. The first step is to reach out through Multicultural Marketing.

This book offers sound advice about how to analyze your market to be the most efficient with your resources. There are ideas on how to establish yourself in the community you want to reach and to learn what they need from your business. Then Natalie and Adriana will lead you through step-by-step instructions on how to develop your marketing plan with a multicultural focus, giving real-life examples from someone that’s been there.

This may be a new territory, but you aren’t alone. The Practical Guide to Multicultural Marketing will answer some of your questions and get you thinking outside the box. It’s time to build your business!
The book Multicultural marketing by Natalie Rouse & Adriana Waterston covers topic’s like; Asian marketing, Hispanic marketing, Successful multicultural marketing, Multicultural best practices, Multicultural strategies, Chinese marketing, Multiculturalism, Cultures, in-language marketing, multicultural media.

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