Happy Mother’s Day

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Happy Mother’s Day! Why do we celebrate mothers? The best answer is, why not?

Mother’s Day is not really about the gift, but the thought. The homemade gifts I have received still have a place of reverence on my countertop and kitchen table. As we grow and understand our mothers don’t really “need” anything, the gifts become more difficult.

My daughter gave me the greatest gift. I love dragons (hence Blue Dragon Publishing). But because I love reading about them, I feel any story I come up with has already been done. I have no confidence to move forward. My daughter wrote me a poem called The Silent Mountain. Then she wrote three starting scenes to shape my dragon book, which I will call “The Silent Mountain.” As she read them to me, I could see the next scene and the next. It was the best writing prompt (and gift) I have ever received.

One of Blue Dragon’s recent authors had been researching the genealogy of her family and gathering pictures. She put them together in a stunning book (The Jared Line) to give to her family, to be passed down for generations to come. Better still, others with the Jared last name may stumble upon her research, and it will add to their own, giving more depth and meaning to the gift she created.

A book is always a great gift. One with special meaning makes it resonate with the receiver all the more because thought was put into it. In the digital age, writing your own book is not out of the realm of possible. Do you have a story to tell? No excuses. Get writing! What book would be perfect for your mother?