Where does the day go?

Where Does The Day Go?

I’m at work and the day drags by, the clock barely moving some days.  I rush home…to put off doing what needs to be done.  I have so much to do, which makes me very unmotivated to get started.  Once I get started, I feel pretty good.  Once I’m finished, I feel great!  This works for chores, exercise, volunteer projects, oh, yes, and writing!

I’m working on the third book of my latest series.  The Lady Tigers Series is centered around a girls’ fastpitch softball league, written for middle school fiction readers, but enjoyable at any age. It has detailed accounts of softball action, with the main focus on being part of something bigger. My goal is ten books.  It seems like a daunting task when I’m only on number three, but I have very much enjoyed this project.  My daughters (13 and 15) are avid readers and good softball players so they are able to help me proof the stories.

Do you like softball?  Ever get stuck keeping score?  My husband and I did often, and I got tired of trying to fit all the information into those tiny boxes.  So I designed a new book!  This one is larger, has more room, and even explains how to keep score for those uninitiated.  Now you have no reason to fear!  Volunteer to be the scorekeeper.  You’ll get a whole new perspective on the game.

Enough stalling.  I need to go find out what Nicole is going to do by the end of the third Lady Tigers’ book.  Sometimes the characters surprise even me!

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