Getting the word out-Author Series

Getting the word out-Author Series

Blue Dragon has pulled together a group of authors local to the Hampton Roads, VA area to form the Author Series. We give talks to book clubs, schools, timeshares, and housing communities.

Part of being an author is making your own opportunities. My husband and I own a timeshare (vacation exchange) and love it. One of the first things I do when I check in is pull out the activities brochure and see what’s available for the week. That got me thinking. I’ve heard many people say they’ve always wanted to write a book. What if those people would be interested in talking to other authors?

The Author Series was born. We speak at Kings Creek Plantation every Monday night from 6-7 (7-8 starting Memorial Day). We rotate who is speaking which night and may have as many as 3 authors at a time. The event is free. Sometimes we have a handful or people; sometimes none. But in the meantime, our names, books, and pictures are circulated to all the visitors staying at Kings Creek. The only cost to us is time and mileage. A great, inexpensive marketing strategy.Author Speaker Seriesposter2

The Author Series has now expanded to talks at residential communities. A few of us have talked in schools and book clubs. We are always looking for new ideas. So I encourage you to think outside the box and share your ideas with other authors. Check out our list of authors and, if you are in the VA area and would like to have an author come visit your classroom or book club, drop me an email. You can find links to their websites to learn more about their books.

Have any ideas you want to share? Every author, whether self-published or traditionally published, can benefit from book signing events.