Community Giving

rowing shell for 4 rowers; painted white with the words "Blue Dragon" on the hull

Blue Dragon Publishing, LLC is very thankful to the Williamsburg Boat Club for the kind words and plug as they christened the Blue Dragon into its fleet.

It means a lot that they appreciate me and what I have brought to the club, and that they have enough faith to put Blue Dragon on their hull. I look forward to our continued relationship and to see Blue Dragon on the water.

Give Back

As authors, we often take ideas from real life and our community. It’s important to remember to give back to that community. There are so many ways to get involved and explore your many interests. Just think, it may turn into a giving circle where you give, and the ideas grow, and you give more. And I’m not talking money necessarily (although not many organizations would turn it down). Think about your time and talents. Contribute a book for an auction fundraiser. Donate to your library or school. Give a free talk or workshop. Tutor a child (or adult) in reading.

In addition to all the good you will accomplish for the organization and your inner peace, you will also be getting your name out. The more involved you are, the more people you meet. It’s name recognition, and hopefully, when your next book comes out, people will hear your name and associate it with something positive in their memory. It may turn into a sale. You never know.


Are you looking for new story ideas? Get involved. Meeting new people enhances your ability to build interesting characters. Take a walk around town and open your mind to the sights, smells, and sounds you experience. Write them down. Sit alone at a diner and observe people. Focus on the way people move when they talk, whether they lean in or away, how they laugh. This may find its way into your next novel.

Write yourself into your community and remember to give as much as they offer you.