Book Launch for My Name is Erin

Book Launch April 27

Amy Voltaire’s debut book, My Name is Erin, and My Mom’s an Addict, will launch this Saturday, April 27. I’m very excited to have been a part of this process with Amy.

Her young adult novel is about Erin, whose mother left her to get a heroin fix when Erin was only five years old. Now Erin in fifteen and her mother wants back into her life. It’s a touching story with great dialogue and heartbreaking moments. You can’t help but laugh and cry with Erin. The teenage years can be tough. Adding the drama of an addicted parent to the mix makes it worse. The saddest part is the story is all too real.

When Amy and I first talked about her book, I was compelled by the story. But the reason I took on the title was the author. Amy is caring, compassionate and wants to help others. She grew up in an alcoholic home and struggled with her own addiction issues. This book is her way of telling teens they are not alone. There are others in this situation, and there are people to help them through the difficult times.

Anyone who knows a person like Erin, or can empathize with her situation, or is willing to stand up for people like Erin are encouraged to share their story and show support with the “My Name is Erin”  buttons and stickers Amy will be giving away during the book launch.

I have been so impressed with everything Amy has done so far, and everything she has planned. A shy person, she doesn’t relish getting in front of a crowd, but she is standing up and giving Erin a voice. She is giving a presentation about addiction at the Yorktown library in the near future. In June, Amy is signing books at the American Library Association Conference in Washington, DC. She has been posting regularly on Instagram (@amyvoltaireauthor) and sharing her story. Amy is brave and helping others to confront the issue of addiction and how it effects families.

I can’t wait to stand alongside her as she takes this journey. Come meet Amy, Saturday, April 27 at Yorktown Market Days (401 Water St, Yorktown, VA) from 8 am until noon. Pick up a button and show your support. Can’t make it? Order your copy from her page.