Book Cover Design: Your First Impression

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Nothing sells your book better than your book cover. It’s the “face” of your story. Hiring a professional cover designer is worth the money. Your cover design needs to capture the attention of the readers so they will pick it up and read the back cover. The cover should not focus on one scene in the book (a mistake many authors make), but instead should give the overall feel of the story,
Looking at the cover design, the reader should instantly be able to tell the genre. To get some inspiration, spend time at your local bookstore studying the shelves. Does the cover have a mysterious quality to it? If so, you won’t be expecting general fiction. You don’t want your cover to be so unique that it doesn’t fit in with what’s selling.
Book designers study the trends and understand color and how they trigger certain emotions. Utilize their expertise to get readers to open the book and discover your great story.