ALA 2019

I love libraries.

And I love people who read books. So it would go to reason that I would love librarians. I am at the American Library Association Conference in Washington DC this weekend. This is the third one I have attended, and I learn something new each time. Not only do I get to see the newest releases in books from many different publishers, I get to talk to authors, publishers, librarians, distributors, news people, techies specializing in library support, and so many other people.
I’m in awe at the level of intellect in that extremely large exhibition room. What I appreciate the most is the willingness of everyone to share ideas, give advice, and listen to suggestions. The exchange of information for the betterment of readers is outstanding.

What did I learn this trip?

– CSPAN2 in Chesapeake (close to where I live) has a special run every weekend dedicated to books and readers. They do reviews, talk about upcoming events, and interview authors.
– A great marketing technique is handing out a business card with a code which will allow the free download of an audiobook. I can’t wait to publish my first audiobook and give it a try!
– Young Adult romance differs from Adult romance in that YA focuses on relationship building, whereas adult romance is much more about the physical.

I’m sure there was much more, but I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed trying to remember it all. I need time to digest and look back through my notes and try to determine how I’m going to implement all the things I want to incorporate.
If you are a librarian, writer, or publisher, I highly recommend you make the trip to an ALA conference. The location changes each year and the price may look hefty, but it is worth so much for the education. Did I mention the panels, guest speaker talks, and committee meetings you can attend? Five days is almost not enough time.
Blue Dragon introduced their newest author Amy Voltaire to ALA as she signed books during the conference. People lined up to get her YA book, My Name is Erin, and My Mom’s an Addict. Check it out at