Relieving Stress
Just in time! I read this article today from Entrepreneur Magazine with 5-Stress Relieving Strategies. Even I can find time for some of these.

While some people are rushing to set their goals (and really mean it this year!), this article by Derek Doepker gives you 5 tips that you can squeeze into your day and keep you going. Although focusing on entrepreneurs, these tips should work for anyone–including high school students frantically searching for the right college.

Quick rundown, although I encourage you to read the whole article, is breathe, yawn, walk, show gratitude, and say no.

1. Breathe in and out. We can all do that, right? It’s not quite that simple, but close. Inhale for four seconds. Hold your breath for four seconds. Exhale for four seconds. Hold for four seconds without air in the lungs. Repeat for 1-5 minutes.

2. Yawn repeatedly for 1 minute.

3. Take a stroll for 5-minutes every hour, even if it’s just around the house. Not only does this help your mood, it’s better for your posture and physical well-being.

4. Take a few minutes every day to point out what you are thankful for. Consider writing a thank you note and sharing it with someone.

5. Don’t be afraid to say no to an opportunity if it is going to push you over the edge into negativity. Realize that the work you do while in a good place mentally is much more effective than all the work you try to accomplish from a negative position. Concentrate on what you like to do.

I have started implementing these already. Time for my 5-minute walk.